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Beat Bots is a family-friendly social avatar brand with collection of 333 Genesis (Gen 1) Beat Bots based on the Ethereum blockchain with a ERC-721A smart contract.

With a huge passion and focus for all things of the '90s, the brand plans to create a time capsule by building a utility-based sensory and interactive experience, to bring back and explore the things we used to love as kids—reigniting our memories, celebrating our past and bringing back our inner child.

The Beat Bot's vision is to establish the brand further by developing intellectual properties that are positioned to champion the past, within the present. The vision hopes to create a place where people of all ages can wander and learn about our memorabilia from the past, through digital ownership and our brand's contents and interactive experiences.





Benjamin Ang (Firaga)

Beat Bots Co-founder, Head of Strategy


Having held Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media, Marketing and Advertising in 2020—he charges forward by creating marketing strategies while being familiar with both traditional and social advertising techniques.

He founded his motion graphics studio, Genesis Motion Technology , in 2015 and has been producing high-end motion graphics and animation work for Fortune 500 companies such as Meta (previously known as Facebook), Walt Disney, Merck, and other amazing ones like Razer, Riot Games, LEGO and more.

He was also humbled to have had publications like Entrepreneur, Vulcan Post and numerous magazines featuring him and his studio's work.

He is also an educator and has been teaching and giving talks ad-hoc to various schools and events like Graphika Manila, Digital Marketing Summit Asia and Vietnam Halography.


Dionisius K (navyblue)

Beat Bots Co-founder, Creative Director


His work has been serving key customers in various industries in the Asia Pacific region, such as TEDx, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Estee Lauder, PayPal, Kao, Pigeon, to name a few.

The company he cofounded has gained a prestigious commercial status in the top 500 Small/Medium Enterprises in Singapore. Aside from running his companies, he has been helping to share his professional insights with emerging students and talents.

He has given talks and seminars on creative entrepreneurship, 3D animation and motion graphics.


GEN3 Studios

Launch Team


GEN3 studios is a subsidiary of NEX10 Labs. They are a team of passionate builders that seek to propel creators and companies into the Web 3.0 space. They help to transform your creative vision onto the blockchain through NFTs and Metaverse developments.

3D Roadmap



Phase 1

Finding the Beat Bots Beat-lievers

  • Setting up the Twitter, Discord
  • Search for the core-community members, @Community Mechanic
  • Releasing the BeatShark Digital Magazine (Whitepaper)

Phase 2

Immediate Value/Utilities

  • 10+ Alpha Analysts through the Unfiltered Subscription
  • Bi-weekly Workshops and Classes (NFT-related, Crypto-related, IRL-related, etc.)

Phase 3

Powering up the Beat Bots Universe!

  • Interactive Navigation
  • The big bang of RoboWorld
  • Manufacturing Pin Badges
  • Acquiring assets for the Alpha Bot Club (ABC)

Phase 4

Warmth of our Home-town

  • Construction of Emerald Town
  • Building of the Charging Station
  • Setting up The Campfire
  • Setting up The Fishing Grounds
  • Setting up the Mini 4WD Store & Race Track

Phase 5

Bustling City-life

  • Construction of Tama-City
  • Building the Underground Arcade
  • VIP entrance for the Alpha Bot Club (ABC)
  • Construction of the Mechanic's Den

Phase 6

Tropical Sunsets

  • Discovering the Tropical Islands
  • Launch of Stickers
  • Expansion of Night Markets

Phase 7

Exploring Unexplored Lands

  • Discovering of new towns, cities and worlds
  • Build-A-Bot Expansion